Aur et Lie Screen

Aur' et Lie - Artists

  • Online since: November 22, 2010
  • Update : August 8, 2014

Client needs:

  • A website to present their creations
  • Communicate about their news, exhibitions places and dates

My works

  • Wordpress custom theme
  • Responsive design
  • Search form

Aur' et Lie

  • Html and CSS
  • Javascript and Jquery
  • Wordpress custom theme
Aur et Lie preview
Aur et Lie preview

Optique Gauthier - optician

  • Online since: April 18, 2014

Client needs:

  • Show his collections
  • Sort collections

My works

  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Custom google map

Optique Gauthier


Robin Bodeus - artist

  • Online since: June 27, 2013

Client needs:

  • Show his paintings to art galleries
  • Add new photos and characteristics
  • Sort photos by date

My works

  • Logo which symbolizes his paintings on canvas
  • Intuitive gallery with fast access to all works and previews
  • Admistration area to add, edit and remove photos
  • Automatic thumbnail creation and photos rescaling if exceed HD resolution

my photo Screen

Myself - Photo gallery

  • Online since: February 20, 2013

My needs:

  • Show my photo from anywhere
  • HD resolution
  • Simple browsing
  • Multiple "photographer" sort

My works

  • Administration area to add my photos from everywhere
  • Put metadata from camera on my database
  • Simple access gallery with largest photo display
  • Automatic thumbnail creation and photos rescaling if exceed HD resolution

jog in attitude Box

Jog'in Attitude - Jogging Club

  • Online since: June 26, 2012

Client needs:

  • A public webpage to present the club
  • A member webpage to get news about the club, futurs meeting and view the latest photos

My works

  • Member webpage is Limited access by the administrator
  • Administrator can publish the news to member who subscribe to the newsletter
  • Gallery with lightbox plugin
  • Automatic thumbnail creation

Schmit Factory Screen

Celine Schmit - Graphic designer

  • Online since: ???

Client needs:

  • A web folio to show her creations
  • Galleries by category

My works

  • Flash for menu
  • Galleries with jquery plugin

Bodeus Avocat Screen

Alain Bodeus - Lawyer

  • Online since: February 6, 2010

Client needs:

  • Be visible on the web for anybody looking for a lawyer in his region
  • Show his specialities, costs and honoraries

My works

  • Joomla with some user rights for the client to edit his documents